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Great service. Fast and friendly.

Henry, 13 Oct 2019

Very nice

Caroline, 13 Oct 2019

Why didn’t my 15% come off my order total?

Jane, 12 Oct 2019


Monika, 11 Oct 2019

Food was cold last order

Kris, 09 Oct 2019

Lovely food

Kris, 07 Oct 2019

Flames are the top kebab in town. Nice staff too.

Tommo, 03 Oct 2019


Gary, 02 Sep 2019

Very nice

Tom, 31 Aug 2019

It would be helpful if you could write on wraps which one is which when 2 or more different ones are ordered, I have asked for this on my orders in the past but it seems to get forgotten.

Daria, 30 Aug 2019

Fantastic food great price

John Ropet, 22 Aug 2019

Brilliant service and quick delivery

Gary, 22 Aug 2019

Nice food good portions

Kris, 19 Aug 2019

Always love ordering from here. Very reliable and quick

Robert, 17 Aug 2019

Food is always decent but ordered food before opening time website said it would be delivered for 15:45, had to call at four only to be told we don't start delivery till 4. Its unacceptable to state a different time on website to actual. Food didn't actually arrive till 16:20 .Over an hour and a half after ordering, not good, not good at all. Please contact us about a refund or a voucher as this was unacceptable.

Jacqui, 17 Aug 2019

Good food

Vicki, 07 Aug 2019

Always good excellent chicken lovely drivers and polite telephone staff.

Daisy, 05 Aug 2019

Always quality food

Daniel, 03 Aug 2019

Always lovely

Lisa, 03 Aug 2019

Always lovely

Caroline, 30 Jul 2019

Very nice

Kris, 29 Jul 2019

Beautidul take way again thank you for your hard work.

David, 23 Jul 2019

very nice and clean

Chloe, 23 Jul 2019


Karen, 23 Jul 2019

Very nice kebab here and also quite generous with certain things always very quick and I was very polite with staff on delivery also lately there's been a change in the rice that has been used it is not is considerably by myself as I preferred the previous one used

David, 18 Jul 2019

Nice. But the change in rice is noticed considerably and prefer the previous one 1⃣

David, 18 Jul 2019